The learning curves for the systems and applications employed in the development of this page were not overly steep, but the interoperability, especially when dealing with multiple file formats generated by a number of applications, was quite daunting. As was the account management.

In order to embed MP4/MOV video for the iPhone, some of the original .mp4 and H.264/.mov files in 720p HD had to be crushed for the Web. An order of magnitude, crushed. Three new (to me) file formats were created in the process. Fortunately, Apple provides the scripts you need, to write into your header and body sections of your page. The trick though, is embedding the code, not in a blog post or page, but in a PowerPoint slide embedded in the blog. The only way to do it (as far as I can discern) is to build an HTML version (PowerPoint export) with JavaScript, which took me a while to do. The link to the final version is embedded at the bottom of this page.

SlideShare does not allow for the output of embedded audio or video files from a PowerPoint presentation, in any form. I tried .pptx, .ppt, and .pps. The link may work as a PPT presentation, sans a/v.

The embedded version directly below, originates from my slidespace on, also sans a/v.

I have not been able to make this work, except as a download, on ScreenCast, either. Try the PPT. Sans a/v – sigh.

This is the online HTML version installed on my blog site.

It is frames-based, as that is how PowerPoint exports the construct for the Web. I have not built a Web site with frames for ten years, so installing the JavaScript necessary to embed the video in each slide frame was a chore. Kludgey, but it works. There are four slide frames housing embedded video that include an opening introductory video to the slide show, two Jing Pro screen capture videos and a demonstration showing the use of two iPhone Apps (HT Professional Recorder and WordPress) that I use for podcasting and blogging.

There are twenty-two slides in all. Collapsing the left side, slide index bar and the notes bar at the bottom of the page, by clicking the button icons will provide the best viewing experience.

Onwards and upwards.