Connectivism as Swarm Intelligence

We have now reached a level of sophistication in our signalling and communications that we can compare our networks, our trails forming abilities, with those of ants. The traceries, the scent trails laid down that enable a colony’s survival, providing way-finding pathways to sources of sustenance, demarcating territory, identifying threats, are much like the recorded […]

Personal Learning Environment/Network – Cmap Version

A big part of the course, Introduction to Emerging Technologies, has been trying out new tools. One of those suggested is IHMC CmapTools, a concept mapping or knowledge modelling application. The participants in the course were encouraged to try it or something similar to assist in getting our heads around the complexity of our personal […]

IET09 Online Presentation

Two steps forward, one step back. Adding video to a PowerPoint presentation is quite straightforward with Jing’s capture technology. Both still and video capture worked, well. Uploading the package to the Internet and having everything work as planned can be another matter. Try my screencast in .ppt format at…

iPhone Podcasting

This is a podcast created by and for the iPhone. I learned a lot about the iPhone in the process. Some good. Some bad.


The Future of Social Networking – W3C

The W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking has published a report that includes observations of, challenges for, and next steps in the development of social networking. W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking Report 15-16 January 2009, Barcelona