Personal Learning Environment/Network – Cmap Version

A big part of the course, Introduction to Emerging Technologies, has been trying out new tools. One of those suggested is IHMC CmapTools, a concept mapping or knowledge modelling application. The participants in the course were encouraged to try it or something similar to assist in getting our heads around the complexity of our personal learning environments and in particular, our online personal learning environment.

I exported my PLE diagram in HTML format. You can view it at this local URL,
or on the Cmaps public server. It is similar to the first one I created, displayed below in an earlier post.

My Cmap is definitely a work in progress, but it has potential, especially for any of the fairly well-structured processes. Moves, adds and changes to a mapped system, especially a complex and dynamic one, would require time and effort in the upkeep. 🙂

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