Well…in for a penny, in for a pound. I have been Googlized. I blame it on my new iPhone.

These pictures were taken last November in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, just before the ice pack formed in Hudson’s Bay and the polar bears headed out to hunt seals. Various cameras. A slide show feed from Picasa via Flash. If you are attempting to view the show with Safari on the iPhone 3G, though, all you will see is a small, blue, plastic building block with question marks on two sides in the centre of a chunk of white space. Is there an app for that? YouTube, I get on the iPhone…mostly. Google, right. I figured Picasa, should be smooth…

A Flash app? A(nother) tweak to the mobile Safari? I live in hope.

I am setting up news feeds in Google Reader, now. The slide show Flash feed will have to wait for a solution. It is a lot of work to setup an online presence. Not everything works the way you would like it to work. The search for the right tools, continues.

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